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About Us

    Our Story

    Company Journey

    We began our journey in the knife market in 2013. Focused at first on delivering a revolutionary fully injection molded product, we developed a series of Chef’s knives made from pure amorphous metal. And while we experienced tremendous acceptance and passion for this breakout product, we realized that the cost and challenges of delivering this pure amorphous metal product left us focused on a small sliver of the knife market.
    In an epiphany, our founders discovered that what was truly needed was an edge made from our material to deliver all the promised benefits. After working tirelessly in the labs and factory for the better part of a year, we came forth with the LIQUIDIAMOND® Edge Series knife. Finally, a product which delivered upon all our objectives, Best-in-Class Performance, Extraordinary Value, and Superior Customer Experience.
    We are now ready to bring this amazing product to you! Join our journey and see what you have been missing in your kitchen.

    Technology History

    LIQUIDIAMOND® was born of the most significant material technology breakthrough since the discovery of thermoplastics; Amorphous Metal. Working with Caltech and NASA scientists, our founders brought forth this next generation material and applied it to real world solutions. After decades of research & development and commercialization in industrial and highly engineered products, we identified the knife market as an ideal application for this technology.

    Having reached the practical limitations of the existing materials (steel and ceramics), LIQUIDIAMOND®  Knives endeavored to deliver superior performance and value to this centuries old product. With the unique physical properties of Amorphous Metal and our advanced manufacturing technology, we found a way to do just that. A knife as sharp as the highest quality steel or ceramic knives yet far more durable than any; able to hold an edge many times longer than any knife out there today. And better yet, because of our material, approach, and manufacturing technology, we are able to deliver this superior product at a price that is affordable for the largest possible number of consumers.


    Our Mission

      To deliver vastly superior performance and value in the knife category by leveraging our breakthrough advanced materials technology. 


      Our Values

      Best-in-Class Performance
      Extraordinary Value
      Superior Customer Experience