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Amorphous alloy technology developed by Caltech and NASA enables a new level of sharp

The LIQUIDIAMOND series knives are the first true innovation in knife making in hundreds of years. With decades of experience with the most advanced amorphous metal alloys, LIQUIDIAMOND has now patented this technology for the kitchen. The knife is made by permanently bonding the LIQUIDIAMOND edge to a high quality stainless steel knife body. The LIQUIDIAMOND series knives are ultra sharp and durable, outperforming traditional high end steel and ceramic knives on all fronts.

Nano-serration: higher performance than Damascus knives

Due to natural nano-serration at the molecular level, the LIQUIDIAMOND series blade effortlessly slices all foods with ultimate precision. Damascus steel is created through a traditional method of repeatedly folding the molten steel. LIQUIDIAMOND uses a space age metal harder than steel yet not brittle.

Ultra Sharp 25 degree edge angle: The hardest alloys on earth

LIQUIDIAMOND knives have a steep 25 degree edge angle which delivers a breathtaking cutting experience. A very sharp knife makes cutting more efficient and safer.

Rockwell (HRC) 70+ hardness

The LIQUIDIAMOND knife can keep its edge much longer than steel knives due to the extreme HRC 70+ hardness. Even though the edge is extremely hard it remains ductile and will not chip.

Self-Serrating Edge

The edge material has two components with one being much harder than the other. As the softer material wears the hard teeth continue to be exposed. This patented technology results is an edge that continues to cut like new.

Safe, easy-to-care and healthy

A sharp knife is safer because you have greater control. You will cut with more confidence and less effort.
Unlike expensive high-end knives, LIQUIDIAMOND knives don't require special care. Just wash, dry and store in a safe place.
Rust resistant
The glass-like molecular structure of the edge is highly corrosion resistant. Its edge simply won’t rust or stain.




LIQUIDIAMOND is patented technology leveraging amorphous metal alloy used extensively in industrial applications where strength and resistance to wear are critical.

Why hasn't anyone made a knife utilizing this material?

There are multiple patents protecting LIQUIDIAMOND's application of this advanced material to knives.  

Why is this material better than steel?

LIQUIDIAMOND has a Rockwell (HRC) hardness exceeding 70 yet remains ductile. Once steel reaches its peak hardness in the mid to high 60's HRC, it becomes very brittle. So the LIQUIDIAMOND edge can be sharpened to a very steep edge angle and maintain that edge many times longer than steel.