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Warranty Info

At LIQUIDIAMOND Knives, we believe in standing behind our products. Therefore, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our knife products. To qualify for the warranty, you must register your qualifying product purchase.

The warranty covers all defects and damage to the knife in accordance with our Care/Use Guidelines (see next section). We will repair or replace your qualified, and registered product for life. If you believe your LIQUIDIAMOND Knives are ever damaged or defective, please contact

Further, to ensure you remain completely satisfied with the performance of your LIQUIDIAMOND Knife, we offer complimentary professional sharpening of your qualified and registered product for life. You only need pay the nominal shipping & handling costs. Should you ever feel your LIQUIDIAMOND Knife has lost its edge, please contact


Care/Use Guidelines

The LIQUIDIAMOND Edge product is unique in its construction with a stainless steel body and and edge made from the LIQUIDIAMOND alloy. Like all quality knives we recommend that you wash them by hand and dry before storing in a safe place. It is always best when using the product to use it on a knife friendly cutting surface or cutting board to extend the life of the sharp edge. You should experience edge life several times better than you see with a steel knife. We do not recommend using a honing steel to "align" the LIQUIDIAMOND Edge. The LIQUIDIAMOND Edge is much harder than steel with different wear mechanisms and does not fold over like steel.

If you ever feel the knife is no longer as sharp as you would like we recommend one of the following:

  1. Send it to LIQUIDIAMOND for complimentary lifetime sharpening, which involves a small service charge to cover return shipping.
  2. Sharpen it by hand on quality whetstones. We recommend using 1000 grit followed by polishing on 3000 grit.
  3. Mail your knives back to us with a $12 check payable to VMatter Cutlery LLC. We will sharpen to factory spec and return to you. 

Our testing shows dramatically extended sharpening intervals, which will of course vary from user to user depending on factors specific to your use and the quality and type of your steel knives being compared.


Return/RMA Procedure

Please contact us at for specific return instructions and Returned Material Authorization (RMA). Please make the subject line read: “RETURN REQUEST” and include all pertinent details in the email body, including your registered customer name.

We will contact you promptly to address your concerns.