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Amorphous alloy technology developed by Caltech and NASA enable a new level of sharp.

The LIQUIDIAMOND X series knife is an innovation revolution within the cooking industry. With decades of experience with the most advanced alloy Liquidmetal amorphous and years of research to refine this technology for cooking, we customized this technology to provide a new level of hardness and strength as well as a resistance from corrosion.

The LIQUIDIAMOND X SERIES chef knife is ultra sharp and durable, outperforming traditional high end stainless and ceramic knives on all fronts.

Ultra Sharp


higher performance

than Damascus knives:

Due to natural nano-serration at the molecular level, the LIQUIDIAMOND X series blade grips to foods while gliding, creating a sharper, smoother, more streamlined cut. Damascus serration is created through the traditional method of repeatedly forging steel together.

Ultra Sharp

26 degree edge angle:

The hardest alloys on earth

LIQUIDIAMOND’s HRC 70+ hardness allows for a thinner blade, enabling a 26 degree edge angle, which allows for a more precision with every slice.

Sharpness never wears

HRC70+ hardness

The hardest alloys on earth

The LIQUIDIAMOND knife can keep its edge much longer than steel knives due to the extreme hardness: HRC 70+.

Sharpness never wears

Self-Serrating Edge

Since chronic atom is much harder and bigger than iron, the friction of micro-particles during use actually keeps the serration, maintaining its acute blade with every use.

Safe, easy-to-care and healthy

Smoother cut, safer use A sharper knife means fewer struggles when cutting or slicing, resulting in fewer accidents. You can be easily in control with a sharper knive.

Unlike other expensive high-end knives, LIQUIDIAMOND knives don't require special care. Just wash, dry and put in on a knife holder after you use it. The knife will keep shining and sharp.

Rust resistant
The glass-like molecule structure enables great corrosion resistance. It edge simply wont rust and stain. Your every cut is fresh and clean.Compared to


The Tip

It is specially
designed for fillet
and deboning.

Wide Body

perfect for all your
cooking needs,
including slicing
large vegetables or

Light Weight

It's is ideal
for long-periods of use.

The G10 Handle

it allows for a stronger,
ergonomically-enhanced grip.